Free tools for bloggers

FREE Tools for Bloggers

I’m not an expert at blogging. I’ll be totally honest I’m a complete newbie. But I absolutely love it! I’ve always thought about having a blog and thought about how cool it would be. Now that I have one it’s everything I thought it would be.  I’m having so much fun writing my articles.  I’m enjoying creating my graphics. The whole process is new and exciting and I love it.  Below are some Free Tools for Bloggers that I created.

I don’t have a ton of readers and I don’t know if I’ll ever make money doing this. I don’t know if the investment will be worth the reward (it already is in terms of fulfillment).

What I do know is I’m passionate about it. I’m enjoying the comradery of other bloggers.  Getting to see an idea come to completion without having to spend months and months writing a book (been there done that) is fulfilling.  I want to help other bloggers (and myself) be successful.

I had an idea for a journal to help bloggers/writers keep track of their ideas and plan posts. My goal is to use it to never run out of things to write about. Writers’ block can be difficult and frustrating especially when you have a deadline you’re trying to meet. I want to help eliminate that for myself and my fellow bloggers.

I’ve found that by keeping a journal I have a ton of experiences I can pull from.  The things I go through on a daily basis can be a template for posts to help others with the same problems.  Some of the time I’ve been able to copy and paste exactly what I’ve written in my journal into my blog posts.  I just leave out the more personal details and don’t name names but it was already done.

I’ve been working on planning pages to go in my journals and some of them I won’t be using for this particular project so…I’m giving them to you free!

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