Building a Morning Routine

What do you do in the first 30 minutes of your day that energizes you, wakes you up, and gets you ready for the day?

I recently read a book called “Wake up Successful” by S. J. Scott.  It talks about the importance and significance of having a morning routine. The goal is to create a habit so that your first 30 mins of the day run smoothly and setup the rest of your day.  You want to choose things that energize you and set it up in such a way that there is a flow to the routine( do everything in the bathroom at the same time: brush teeth, brush hair, ect. Then move to the next room.) In the book there are lots of examples of what to put in your morning routine depending on your personal goals and preferences.

I would recommend writing it down so you a have a guide and sort of checklist and as you go you can adjust it until it is the perfect morning for you.

My morning routine:

Get the hubby out the door for work

Get a glass of water

take my vitamins

do some stretching/yoga

take care of the puppy

get dressed for the day

eat breakfast


do you have a morning routine? Feel free to share in the comments


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