Open Doors and Dragons

The Bible says “Ask and you shall receive…knock and the door will be opened to you.” God has blessings waiting on the other side. Sometimes the door is outside of our comfort zone but I believe God prepares us for the things we think are too hard. I felt that way about the writers training course I put together. I never thought I’d do that but little by little God grew me into it. I can only pray and wonder what the next “open door” will be and that I’ll be ready to step through it and into the blessings God has for me.

I used to see a “closed door” as a sign not to go in a certain direction but now I’m realizing sometimes we just see things as too hard and back off. Who knows what we’re missing if we don’t jiggle the handle and give the door a little shove.  Our greatest rewards could be on the other side of a little hard work.

Too often we are met with opposition and just give up.  If we open the door and find a dragon rearing it’s ugly head we can always pull the door shut and put a padlock on it. At least we will be able to say we tried.

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