4 Simple Steps to Defeat Negative Self-Talk

Today I want to talk to you about how you talk to yourself.  Are you typically a positive person or do you see things in a negative light?  If you are struggling with an area in your life, I challenge you to take note of how you are thinking about that situation.  We can help to control our mood and reactions to situations if we take hold of our thoughts.

Here’s a simple 4 Step process to defeat negative self-talk in your life.

Don’t know what self-talk is? Read about it here

1. Identify

Identify your trigger points.

Determine the areas where you talk to yourself negatively.  You may not even realize you are thinking negatively about a situation.  That is why you need to sift through your thoughts carefully to identify where your negativity is coming from.

Start with areas where you’re stressed out.  You may be surprised to find what you tell yourself about stressful situations.  You may believe you have no choice but to be stressed out but a quick assessment of the situation may prove to be helpful in eliminating your negative thoughts.

2. Find Why

Dig deep.

Get to the root of why you think that way.  Did you hear someone say something negative to you that put a bad light on the situation? Did you go through an experience in your past that made you feel the way you do?  Has a previous failure shaped the way you see yourself?  Examine the root of your beliefs and find why you are having such difficulties.

3. Reframe

Reframe the situation.

Look at your current position from a different perspective. Sometimes this takes an outside voice for us to realize the state we’re in. Speak with a close friend or mentor to help you see things in a different light.

Start to see things from a different angle so you can change the outcome.  Try to take yourself out of the picture and look at things through a new lens. It may come to you taking a break and distancing yourself so you can have a fresh perspective.

4. Rename

Change your self-talk.

Start telling yourself a different truth. Begin by putting a positive spin on things you say. Change your thoughts by giving yourself power over the circumstances.

Instead of “I can’t do this.”

say “I can take steps to get this done.”

Instead of “I’m too busy.”

“I have time to do the things that matter most.”

Instead of “I’m not smart enough.”

“I can learn what I need to.”

Take time to write down your renamed truths. Repeat them to yourself as often as the negative thoughts appear. Soon you’ll be set free from negative self-talk and on your way to a happy and fulfilled life.

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