Why Moms Need a Vision Board

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a visual reminder of the things we want and the inspiration we need to get there.  It holds all our dreams in one place that we can look at throughout our days and keep us focused on what we really want.

Why do you want to take the time to create one?

A vision board is a physical daily reminder of what you are trying to accomplish in your life.  When you see a problem or have a project that is constantly on your mind your brain works to solve it and complete the task in the best way possible.  Seeing your goals on a daily basis makes your subconscious work to figure out how to obtain the things you’re dreaming of accomplishing.

You will be more focused and get less distracted with a constant reminder. Put it in a place you will see it every day; on your mirror, at your desk, or any place you visit every day.

How often Do You Make a New Vision Board?

A lot of goal setting today is based on breaking down the year into quarters.  I love the idea of doing a new board quarterly or seasonally.  Each new season brings about new projects, different holidays, and a change in weather.  Even if you don’t completely remake your board I would encourage you to revisit it every few months and add new goals or update them as the year goes.

How to Create a Vision Board in 6 Easy Steps:

1. Add Recent Pictures of Yourself and Your Kids

What memories did you make in the last few months? What milestones did you celebrate? What kind of moments do you want to create more of in your life? Seeing those smiling faces and snapshots of your good days will remind you that not all your goals revolve around our to-do lists. Sometimes our most important to-dos are making memories with your family. Adding these kinds of photos will give you a beautiful keepsake for that chapter of your life.

2.  Spend a Few Minutes Reflecting

Spend some time reflecting on the last few months.  What did you do right?  What can you do better?  Think about what you are thankful for and take a minute to reflect on all the good things in your life.  Maybe add a few words of gratitude to your board.  Reflection can help you see things clearer.  You will be able to recognize your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

3.  Choose a Word or Theme

What is one overarching thing on your mind? Where is your main focus going to be in the upcoming months? What do you want to create more of in your life? I love the idea of chosing a word to represent your Big goals or outlook for the coming season.  You may not change this every quarter. You may choose one that lasts you all year long and that’s fine. It’s your vision. I love that the Magnolia Journal picks a one-word theme for every one of their magazines. It gives the whole magazine a focused flow that really drives the inspirational word or thought home.


4.  Add Inspirational Quotes or Bible Verses

Next, choose your favorite quotes or Bible verses.  These can be inspirational as well as motivational.  Pick ones that really speak to you and read them every day.  Let them become your mantras.

5.  Look to the Future

Add items to your vision board that you want to see in your life in the future. Ex. New house, room renovation, family vactaion spots… These may not be dreams with a specific deadline or an action plan just yet but keep yourself dreaming and striving for the big things too.

6.  Add Photos of Your Goals

What are your immediate goals for the next few months?  Map them out on your Vision board so you always know what you are working towards.  Being reminded of your goals daily will help keep you on track. Don’t skip any area of your life. Add all your goals.

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