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Have you struggled with making writing a daily habit in the past?

I’ve struggled to create a writing habit. ┬áIt’s hard to write consistently and finding time in my busy schedule to write since I became a mom. Having a family takes up so much of your time and energy. I felt overwhelmed with my unfinished projects and lack of time to devote to them. I need to write. It’s my way of relaxing and it feeds my soul (and hopefully my bank account). At the end of a busy day I was disappointed and upset with myself for not making time to write. Something needed to change.

  • My writing goals weren’t getting reached.
  • I felt overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • I had so many ideas that I never had time to do anything with.
  • My projects weren’t getting completed.

Then I challenged myself to write consistently for 30 days. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to write. I just couldn’t find the time. I knew I needed to make it a habitual part of my day otherwise I would never reach my writing goals and make the income I desired. I found the best research on habit formation and paired it with goal setting tips I’ve learned over the years and the results were incredible.

I wrote and published my first book in less than a year, with a newborn in the house. I’ve written more for money making ventures than I ever have. I’m completing projects. (This being one of them.) I’m excited to say that I’ve checked off things on my writing to-do list and I’ve found time to keep a daily journal of moments with my daughter. (They grow up so fast.)

Take Control of Your Future and Get the Tools You Need to Acheive Your Dreams… And Increase Your Writing Productivity.

Are you like I was…struggling to find time to write and balancing family life. Do you have so many ideas for books or blog posts you’re about to burst if you don’t get them out? Are you looking to earn income writing part-time but are finding it hard to fit everything in in a day? Do you want to write full time but lack the productivity you need to get everything done?

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Your message—your story–matters. Somebody is out there waiting for it. But if you don’t have time to get your message out there into the world, it’s not doing anybody and good…least of all you and your bank account.

I Resolve to Write! Create writing habit and become the writer of your dreams with Kaylee Berry
Creat writing habit and become the writer of your dreams.

In this NEW Training, you will discover…


  • Your “Why” for wanting to write so you can overcome any obstacle
  • How to fit writing into your busy schedule
  • Even spare moments can fuel your habit
  • How to double or even triple your daily word count
  • That you can build a daily habit that will stick
  • How to always have inspiration
  • The best way to reward your self and fuel your new habit
  • How to reach your writing goals
  • My 4-Step process to create any habit plus the tools to help you along the way
  • And More!

I understand being a writer on a bootstrap budget. That’s why I want to get this incredible training in your hands for as little as possible so you can start getting real results fast.

So for a VERY limited time I’m giving you a special introductory price

ONLY $19 (special launch price)

(The price will being going up to its regular price of $67 very soon.)

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What you’ll get:

Lifetime Access

  • Nearly 40 minutes of video jam packed with the information you need to build a writing habit and reach your really big goals
  • The tools you need to succeed, including a worksheet to get you really clear about your goals & a specially designed habit building calendar designed to keep you on track every step of the way
  • Access to a Private Facebook group


Due to the overwhelming value and the included materials which match exactly the offer described on this page, no refunds are available for this training program.


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